Dynamic Cloud Security for Microsoft Azure

This On-demand consultation is intended to help enterprises think through various operational security considerations (shared responsibility model of cloud hosting) as they deploy sophisticated enterprise applications on Azure. This engagement can also be used to help you build a secure cloud migration and operation strategy for your organization.

Hanu can help secure your cloud services and infrastructure so that you can protect your organization and build a resilient and scalable operation.

We can help implement secure remote workplace technologies across your environment through protection and monitoring for key assets, robust digital identity solutions and advanced cloud frameworks and services.

Our FREE comprehensive Azure security and compliance assessment will provide you with actionable insights into your current Azure security posture.

What is Included in the Azure Security and Compliance Assessment?:

  • Azure Security Posture Scorecard
  • Compliance Audit (Benchmarks: CIS, HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS)
  • Application Vulnerabilities Check
  • Infrastructure Configuration Gaps
  • Executive Security Report